Who is elliot yamin dating

11-Sep-2017 18:27

Though he only came in third, the show earned Yamin the recognition he deserved.Soon came a recording contract with Hickory Records and talk show appearances that included the Tonight Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, and the Fox News Channel.Yamin faced a huge challenge in wooing the judges to pick him to from among the tens of thousands of other contestants who turned out to audition for American Idol.

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Though he came in third, he has since gone on to eclipse the first- and second-place winners, and is being touted as perhaps one of the greatest of a new generation of male singers.

I was urinating every hour, I was always thirsty, my breath was really stinky, all of my joints would constantly ache, my mouth was dry.

I just didn’t know what was going on with me.”Yamin told his mother of his symptoms on a Sunday night.“She has type 2 diabetes and she recognized the symptoms,” he explains. She tested me at 860 mg/dl and she became frantic and called the physician.”The family lived in a convenient location right behind the hospital, he said.

It has been rags to riches for singer Elliott Yamin.

With his naturally soulful singing voice, listeners feel his raw emotion and they like it.

One time this was not the case.“Just a few months ago we were in Vancouver and I was doing a show there and I stepped on stage, opened up with the first song and I felt my blood glucose dipping down pretty low,” Yamin explains of the incident.

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