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07-Nov-2017 11:12

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Recently we banned a few prominent stories because they contained sexually explicit content.

We are sorry that this was upsetting for many of you, so we thought we would take this as an opportunity to clarify what our standards are.

The good news is that given time and effort, your story can become a thing of beauty.

The bad news is that this involves time and effort. It’s that friend who always tells it like it is, even when it hurts. Unless they’re at your same writing level or published themselves, accept their praise with caution.

Just be warned—reading your manuscript for the first time is like expecting an adorable puppy and discovering he has green polka-dots and excess body parts.

You love the puppy dearly, but you’re a bit self-conscious about taking him out in public.

However, offering the choice to read the mature content doesn’t address the fact that this kind of content is not allowed on Episode to begin with.

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Now, with the Internet at our fingertips, that’s no longer true. Editing takes practice and possibly a prescription for anti-depressants.

If you relied on the Na No Wri Mo forums during November, you’ll be pleased that the forums stay open when the site meets fundraising goals for the year. ”) There’s no way to predict how many times you’ll read your manuscript or endure full revisions, but don’t expect to catch everything in one pass.