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Meanwhile, the cat and mouse game continues between Preston and Christina as they refuse to let the other show how much they really care about each other.

Written by Moviedude1 When everyone finds out Richard is stepping down they all throw their own name in the hat as his replacement including Mark, who was leaving until he found out about it, too.

Meanwhile, the interns are not the only ones jealous of Cristina's opportunity to scrub in with Preston on a Humpty Dumpty procedure, and Bailey takes it personally when she learns she's been scrubbed, herself.

George works with Addison on a very unusual case and Alex envies him.

Written by Moviedude1 Addison reveals why she's in the dumps, which explains why Mark is dumping all over her.

George is in the dumps about his father's surgery, Derek about Meredith's snoring, and Izzie about the fact that Bailey still won't let her scrub in on any surgeries, even though Izzie pays for one of them.

Burke's mother goes all out on breaking Cristina's will; Addison goes all out with the bottle because she found some interesting pocket fanfare in her husband's tuxedo after the prom; and Callie goes all out to make George jealous.

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Derek is caught, once again, between his job and his girlfriend when Sloane offers Meredith an opportunity he feels she's not ready for.Addison steps in when she discovers Sloane using his interns as personal slaves.The walls begin to close in on Cristina and Preston's secret and Meredith vows to be a little more cheery.Finn and Derek refuse to quit on Meredith, who insists that they date her.

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Izzie won't quit standing out front of Seattle Grace, waiting for the time she feels is right to see Dr. Mark won't quit on giving up on Addison, who now realizes her marriage to Derek is over.Callie's father comes to town for a visit after she fights with George, who, in turn, goes to Izzie and they get drunk together.

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