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For the purposes of this discussion, we’re referring to true, vintage releases that were distilled and bottled decades and decades ago, as opposed to new ultra-premium releases hitting the shelves today with 40- or 50-year-old age statements. Knowing the different histories of brands and when they made specific changes, as well as familiarity with the history of governmental regulation, goes a long way.

Today’s vintage whiskey bottles were simply regular-for-the-time releases that have managed to survive to current times. While the risk of whiskey “corking” a la wine is generally much diminished, it’s certainly possible for vintage whiskey to go bad.

Additionally, over 100,000 other counterfeit tax stamp related offenses were uncovered throughout that year in Russia, accounting for over 10 billion rubles (0 million) in lost revenue.

Due to the potential high value of some tax stamps and increasing technology available for counterfeiters to duplicate tax stamps, many countries have implanted security devices and added stiff penalties in an attempt to prevent counterfeiting of tax stamps and the selling of untaxed products.

Officials in Hungary have incorporated a new datamatrix two-dimensional barcode to be included with a hologram, security fibers and microtext security features, already included on the country’s cigarette and alcohol tax stamps.

The new barcode will allow authorities to track the stamps throughout their supply chain, to ensure that the products get to their desired destination.

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In some countries they can have designs as detailed as banknotes, and may even be printed on the same type of paper as banknotes.The content you are looking for has moved to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration website at https:// Important Notice: Recent legislation created the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration to administer the taxes and fees previously collected by the Board of Equalization, with the exception of Property Tax, Alcoholic Beverage Tax and Insurance Tax.